Christmas Can Be Funny

Lisa Rice wrote this.

I recently came across this photo and had to laugh. It was taken during a visit to a real place named Santa Clause, Indiana. Apparently, my youngest sister at the time was terrified. The other looks like she needed a little help pulling up her stockings. I, on the other hand, must have hoped the baby doll prop handed to me might be a gymnast.

I remember being skeptical of Santa long before my peers. Nestled in the back of a dictionary I found were illustrations of make-believe characters such as leprechauns, unicorns, and good old St. Nick. The cat was out of Santa’s bag when I sat on his lap rattling off my wish list only to spy stitching on the edge of his curly, white beard.

Of course, I played along as not to spoil things for my sisters and certainly enjoyed opening presents with them. Today, however, giving is far better than receiving because nothing can trump the greatest Gift of all.

Merry Christmas 2014! Hope yours is full of blessings and fun. The video below might help you get started.

A Little Turkey Talk

Lisa Rice wrote this.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I can think of no better time to talk about what most Americans consider the main course. Turkey.

How are turkeys raised?
How are they handled?
How are they processed?
Is turkey safe to eat?

These questions are visually addressed below. Temple Grandin, an American Ph.D. of animal science, best-selling author, autistic activist, and animal behavior consultant guides the tour.

And if you haven’t seen the biopic on Temple’s life starring Claire Danes, do yourself a favor and watch it. Definitely worth your time.

Lastly, if you’re looking for a delicious way to prepare your Thanksgiving turkey, Sandra Lee’s Roasted Butter Herb Turkey tastes mighty fine.


Lisa Rice wrote this.

Intentional/unintentional isolation.
Contrived smiles.
Golden handcuffs.
A dream come true.

These are just a few ways the unique but somewhat obscure world of voiceover can be described. In Molly Mahar’s documentary, Unseen, we’re allowed a peek into the lives of four top Hollywood voice over performers. They discuss the pros and cons of working in a private studio, the pressures of being in demand and on-call during unconventional hours, how facial expressions and physical gestures affect a read along with the fine art of disappearing audibly. Whether you hire voiceover talent, are working regularly as one or aspire to be one, this sixteen plus minute gem deserves a look.

Seize the Day

Lisa Rice wrote this.

Robin Williams…funny, one-of-a-kind, voice talent extraordinaire. How blessed we were to be inspired by his words and acting.

Happy Left Handed Day!

Lisa Rice wrote this.

Looking for a left handed voiceover? Hand raised here! My left hand that is. Something tells me the difference won’t be audible but be assured I clicked the mouse to edit the script that I placed on the copy stand after opening the door to my Whisper Room with my left hand.

Left handed, too? Enjoy!

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