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In voiceover, every audition presents an opportunity. A chance to learn. A moment to shine. The possibility of earning income for bringing words to life.

Steve Harvey likens moments such as these to jumping. At times the parachute opens. At times not. But when it does, the free fall is glorious.

Take a listen.

Happy New Year 2016!

Lisa Rice wrote this.

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s words await another voice.” ~ T.S. Eliot

Christmas of Light

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Looking for something entertaining and inspiring to see this Christmas? Experience art come to life with Thomas Kinkaide’s Christmas of Light at the newly renovated Smoky Mountain Palace near Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. This live, original music celebration runs through January 2, 2016. Allow me to tell you more below…

Tech. Talk. Think.

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Can technology think? Why, yes, it can! Allow me to tell you more.

A Woman of Influence

Lisa Rice wrote this.

“Every woman whether rich or poor, married or single, has a circle of influence within which, according to her character, she is exerting a certain amount of power for good or harm. Every woman, by her virtue or her vice, by her folly or her wisdom, by her levity or her dignity, is adding something to our national elevation or degradation. A community is not likely to be overthrown where woman fulfills her mission, for by the power of her noble heart over the hearts of others, she will raise that community from its ruins and restore it again to prosperity and joy.”
~ John Angell James

Today’s flashy, brassy female personalities could learn a few things from the public figures of yesteryear. Author, speaker and broadcaster, Elisabeth Elliot (1926 – 2015) was a measurer of words. She spoke with conviction yet made a point of using a quiet voice which drew the listener in. Humble wisdom does have influence. Elisabeth Elliot was the epitome of it.

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