Tech. Talk. Think.

Lisa Rice wrote this.

Can technology think? Why, yes, it can! Allow me to tell you more.

A Woman of Influence

Lisa Rice wrote this.

“Every woman whether rich or poor, married or single, has a circle of influence within which, according to her character, she is exerting a certain amount of power for good or harm. Every woman, by her virtue or her vice, by her folly or her wisdom, by her levity or her dignity, is adding something to our national elevation or degradation. A community is not likely to be overthrown where woman fulfills her mission, for by the power of her noble heart over the hearts of others, she will raise that community from its ruins and restore it again to prosperity and joy.”
~ John Angell James

Today’s flashy, brassy female personalities could learn a few things from the public figures of yesteryear. Author, speaker and broadcaster, Elisabeth Elliot (1926 – 2015) was a measurer of words. She spoke with conviction yet made a point of using a quiet voice which drew the listener in. Humble wisdom does have influence. Elisabeth Elliot was the epitome of it.

Do You Know H2O?

Lisa Rice wrote this.

Discovering new ideas and products might be one of my favorite aspects of being a voiceover talent. From nature to industry to medicine, I’ve had the opportunity to learn from the scripts presented to me. It’s truly an on-going education!

Do you know these facts about water?

  • Only 3% of Earth’s water is fresh water. 97% of the water on Earth is salt water.
  • In one year, the average American residence uses over 100,000 gallons (indoors and outside).
  • Taking a bath requires up to 70 gallons of water. A five-minute shower uses only 10 to 25 gallons.
  • Water is the only substance found on earth naturally in three forms: solid, liquid and gas.

There have been many books written about this essential, natural resource but one of the most interesting I’ve come across was geared toward children. Water, written by François Michel and illustrated by Yves Larvor, is an interactive pull-tab, lift-the-flap guide explaining the water cycle. It’s the kind of book children of all ages will go back to time and time again and adults can look forward to reading.

Incidentally, there’s a new product on the market that actually makes water from air. It’s called the The Skywell and it’s creators hope to revolutionize water delivery by mimicking the water cycle. Allow me to tell you more below.

Now, I’m thirsty for a glass of fresh air.

Clean New Book

Lisa Rice wrote this.

The new year is here and most of us have settled into our post-holiday routines. Mine has included lots of auditioning, adding recent work to my portfolio and reaching out to new customers and those I haven’t heard from in a while. I’ve also tried to fight the inner night owl in me to get more shuteye. Apparently, I’ve been cheating myself of sleep’s fringe benefits. It’s hard to believe that sleeping more helps us accomplish more but medical experts keep touting the rewards. Here are just a few advantages of adding more zzzz’s:

  • Improved immunity
  • Clearer thinking
  • Less pain
  • Better weight control
  • Stronger creativity
  • Lower stress
  • Increased longevity

Staying well, thinking clearer, experiencing less stress, being more creative and living longer? Deprivation of these advantages for a few late hours just doesn’t make sense!

Of course, we have no guarantee of living a long, healthy life but we know for sure that today’s tablet is ready to be inscribed upon. Sherry, a childhood friend of mine, sent an inspiring poem written by her late father. He was a patient man who taught me how to properly roll a bowling ball. He owned a bowling alley where I spent many Wednesday afternoons participating in a junior bowling league. I’m thankful for the way he added to so many childhood memories I fondly look back upon. He titled his poem, ‘Clean New Book’.


Midnight strikes, and the old year is gone.
We close the tablets we’ve written on.
Torn ‘twixt hope and doubt and fear,
We open the book of an unlived year.

It’s ours to write the daily tale
Of how we conquer or how we fail;
Of struggle and effort and hope that wakes
Like a song in the heart when a bright day breaks.

~ Ben Johnson, 1978

Happy New Year!

A Little Turkey Talk

Lisa Rice wrote this.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I can think of no better time to talk about what most Americans consider the main course. Turkey.

How are turkeys raised?
How are they handled?
How are they processed?
Is turkey safe to eat?

These questions are visually addressed below. Temple Grandin, an American Ph.D. of animal science, best-selling author, autistic activist, and animal behavior consultant guides the tour.

And if you haven’t seen the biopic on Temple’s life starring Claire Danes, do yourself a favor and watch it. Definitely worth your time.

Lastly, if you’re looking for a delicious way to prepare your Thanksgiving turkey, Sandra Lee’s Roasted Butter Herb Turkey tastes mighty fine.

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